Up-Close with Mary Padian of Storage Wars: Texas

The recent top rated show of A&E, Storage Wars: Texas, features Mary Padian, a furniture restorer, designer and owner of Mary’s Finds. After joining the regular cast of the show, many viewers want to get to know more about her.
Mary Padian graduated with a degree in photojournalism in University of Texas at Austin way back in 2003.

Mary’s business venture began when she was working as the assistance of Architectural Digest’s editor, Paige Sense. As she went on as an assistant editor, she also started producing a series of videos entitled Mary’s Finds. In these videos, Mary would search for unique and affordable house items that she can restore. By 2010, she finally launched her own store with the same name. With only being an even 5’0 in height, Mary towers above the other show members in personal affection. Male viewers all agree that Mary Padian is hot, and they just cannot get enough of this petite, small and attractive woman who constantly want to know if she is married, or single.

With an eye for potential, Mary Padian can easily find different items out of garbage and old materials that can be redesigned for new use. For two years, she continue to provide creative and quality refurbished and pre-loved items to local interior designers and other customers who want to purchase different house items. Apart from house items, there are also unique refurbished furniture pieces, vintage clothing and other home decors all offered at reasonable prices.

Her store Mary’s Finds based in Dallas, Texas caters to customers who are interested to buy found objects and furniture. Mary’s Finds is currently located in the Design District on the border of downtown Dallas. At the invitation of Dr. Moe, she joined in auctions taking her business to next level as she discovers new source of raw materials. She then became part of the reality show, Storage Wars: Texas Season 2. It was only in the third season where she finally became part of the main and regular cast.

Storage Wars: Texas
Storage Wars: Texas is a reality TV series airing on A&E Network and is produced by Original Productions, a FremantleMedia Company. The series is a spin-off of a popular series, Storage Wars. When it made its debut on December 6, 2011, the reality show featuring 16 episodes garnered over 4.1 million total viewers all throughout the season.

The series follow teams of professional bidders on their quest for auction gold. The show features known auctioneer and auction hunters, Ricky and Bubba Smith, Morris “Moe” Prigoff, Victor Rjesnjansky, Lesa Lewis and her assistant Jerry Simpson, and Roy Williams. In the third season, new bidders Jenny Grumbles and Mary Padian also joined the cast, and more or less, replaced Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson. Mary Padian became part of the show in the middle of the second season where she decided to form a partnership with Moe after her attempt to bid on lockers o her own in the first few episodes of the show. With such natural talent and charisma, several viewers want to be familiar with Mary Padian and what she can offer to the audience.

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