Robbie Welsh Shipping Wars

Robbie Welsh is another great addition to the A&E television series, Shipping Wars. She is partners with her boyfriend, Chris Hanna. Men, we know Robbie Welsh is hot, but she’s already spoken for. Chris and Robbie make the perfect couple and they look great together. If you get a chance, check out their wonderful facebook photos. Chris began his shipping career in 2008 when he delivered a custom made motorcycle that he manufactured himself.


Robbie Welsh joined Chris about one year ago, and they travel the country together delivering items that they find listed on UShip. Chris and Robbie deal with some really big boobs who ship merchandise with them, but they get the job done. On one episode of Shipping Wars, a shipper was flirting with Robbie and wanted to meet her sister. This is just one example of the types of situations that they have to endure. Many people have emailed us asking if Robbie Welsh is married to Christopher Hanna, and the answer is no. They are in a relationship together and who knows what they have planned in the future. A few readers have also asked us if Robbie Welsh has tattoos, and as far as we know, she does not.

Robbie has a young son whom she misses very much when she is out on the road with Chris. They also have a golden retriever, who’s name is Gix, and Gix goes everywhere with them. Chris and Robbie have been a couple for about one year, however, they first met each other while they were in college. Chris does all the driving, and Robbie takes care of the paperwork. They both seem like a great couple and we want to wish them all the best in love, and in business. We hope you will all tune in to Shipping Wars, on Tuesdays, on A&E, and check out Chris and Robbie.

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