Mary Padian – Storage Wars Texas

Watch out, Brandi Passante! Storage Wars has a brand NEW hottie. Her name is Mary Padian, and she is a friend of Moe Prigoff. Mary was first seen in season one of Storage Wars Texas. She is a very creative young lady and she has a way of turning junk furniture that nobody wants into classy and stylish furnishings.

Mary Padian, with her friend, Moe Prigoff.

Mary used to be an assistant editor of Architectural Digest. She went on to open her own store, called Mary’s Finds, located in Dallas, Texas. It is filled with antiques and interesting furniture, and she also carries vintage clothing as well. Mary has operated her business for approximately two years. She recently got into the storage auction business, thanks to her good friend, Moe. And look what happened – she has become a reality TV star!

We think Mary is such a cutie, and she is definitely a real sweetheart. It’s fun to watch her bid on storage unit auctions and see all the great (and not so great) things she finds hidden within those units. We would like to urge all of you to check out Storage Wars Texas, on A&E Television, and check out Mary as well. Mary is definitely HOT and you will keep coming back each week to watch her on Storage Wars, Texas.

We have had a few questions from readers about Mary so far. We have done our best to answer your questions below:

Q: Is Mary Padian and Moe from Storage Wars married to each other?
A: No.

Q: Is Mary Padian married?
A: We have looked into this, and it appears that she may be single. There is no mention anywhere of her relationship status.

Q: Is Mary Padian and Moe from Storage Wars in a relationship with each other other?
A: No.

Q: What is the name of Mary Padian’s store?
A: It’s called Mary’s Finds, and her store is in Dallas, Texas.

Q: I heard there were naked pictures of Mary Padian on the internet. Is this true?
A: Absolutely not! Mary has class and would never do nude pictures! If there are any pics floating around on the internet, these are Mary Padian nude fakes.

Q: How tall is Mary Padian?
A: Mary Padian is 5’0″ tall.

Q: What is Mary Padian’s breast size? Has she had a boob job?
A: Mary looks very beautiful and natural to us.

Q: Mary Padian is hot. Has she been in any other television series?
A: At this moment in time, Mary has not been in any other television series.

Q: Where was Mary born?
A: We believe this little hottie was born in Texas, but we cannot confirm this at this time.

Q: How old is Mary Padian?
A: She was born in 1980.

Q: Does Mary have a Facebook and Twitter account?
A: Yes on both 🙂

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