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Make way for the new “College Girl” on the block! Katie Saria of the BUCKWILD TV show on MTV epitomizes the typical American teenager. She is full of energy to the point of being rowdy most of the time. Katie is friendly with her peers, defiant and very idealistic. She represents the modern American schoolgirl who loves the good life and will not allow anything or anybody (even her neighbor) to mess with her plans.

Katie posted this photo
via Twitter. Isn’t Katie Saria hot!
Katie loves her chums. Unlike other girls on Buckwild, who have been naked photos and flashed their naked breasts on national TV, we have not seen this of beautiful Katie as of yet. She is extremely loyal to her group but they love to try things that are quite risky.

Buckwild was embroiled in a recent hullabaloo when American Senator (West Virginia) Joe Manchin insisted that the popular TV show be called off. Senator Manchin claims that the show is a mockery and an insult to the people and State of West Virginia. The good senator claimed that these youngsters do not represent the citizens of this American State. It was very similar to what happened in 2011 with “Jersey Shore” when Governor (New Jersey) Chris Christie took the show as putting the state in a bad life.

The show’s stars came to the defense of Buckwild saying that they are not representing anyone but themselves. Besides, it was meant to entertain and send a message across to the country’s young population that today’s teens are very outgoing and can stand for them.

Katie disagreed with the politician’s allegations that they were representing the whole state of West Virginia.
Buckwild is an American Reality TV series which made its debut in January 3, 2013. The series portrays the lives of nine young adults from Sissonville and Charleston in West Virginia. These people show their devotion for the “small-town” American way of life. These down-to-earth and seemingly carefree young men and women will definitely entertain you with their own inimitable ways to relish life in a rural environment.

Shae “The Spicy Southern Belle” Bradley is the vivacious and outspoken one, and Katie is supposedly the most wanted girl in Sissonville. She is presently attending nursing school. This girl is simply fiery and witty, just like the the hottie that she portrays on the television show.

Indeed, Katie Saria, the country girl, is not only a college girl but a TV celebrity in the making. Any boob can clearly see that Katie has all of the right stuff to be a big time celeb. Katie Saria Hot! That’s all we can say! Be sure to catch Katie Saria and all of her buds on MTV’s Buckwild, airing every Thursday night at 10/9c.

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