Jennifer Brennan Of Shipping Wars

Storage Wars has their hottie, Brandi Passante. She keeps the male viewers coming back each week. And Shipping Wars has their hottie, too. Her name is Jennifer Brennan, and boy is Jennifer hot! Jennifer was a former model, and she has taken some very lovely photos. For those people who keep asking us if are there any naked photos of Jennifer, the answer is no! We are tired of getting these questions. However, we would love to see some classy Jennifer photos in a bikini!

jennifer shipping wars
The lovely Jennifer Brennan, of A&E’s Shipping Wars.

Jennifer was born in Texas and raised on a cattle ranch. She is a huge animal lover, and is especially fond of horses. Her fondness for horses and rodeos continued all through her teen years, so she is appropriately nicknamed the “Cowgirl.” Jennifer eventually went on to college, and became a CPA, as well as a model.

Jennifer eventually got involved with shipping horses and livestock across the country, but after joining uShip, she haul just about anything. We have seen her ship an African Grey Parrot, a Mini Max Airplane, a Camel, and two champion PBR riding bulls, just to mention a few things.

If you have not seen Shipping Wars, give it a try. It’s a very entertaining show with a number of characters that keep the show interesting, but you will definitely enjoy watching Jennifer the most. You can catch new episodes of Shipping Wars, every Tuesday on A&E, at 10/9C.

We have had a few questions about Jennifer sent to us. We did our best to answer them:

Q: Is Jennifer Brennan from Shipping Wars pregnant?
A: Yes, Jennifer has indicated that she is pregnant and is expecting her first baby.

Q: Is Jennifer Brennan from Shipping Wars married?
A: We see no information indicating that she is married.

Q: Does Jennifer Brennan haul animals?
A: Yes, she has hauled horses, cows, birds, and even a camel.

Q: Where does Jennifer from Shipping Wars live?
A: She is from Texas.

Q: What size dress does Jennifer from Shipping Wars wear?
A: She is has not disclosed this information.

Q: Do you know what Jennifer from Shipping Wars shoe size is?
A: She has not yet disclosed this information.

Q: Has Jennifer Brennan ever posed in lingerie?
A: Not that we know of.

Q: What type of work did Jennifer from Shipping Wars do before the show?
A: She used to be a CPA and a Model.

Q: How tall is Jennifer from Shipping Wars?
A: We do not know, but we are looking into this.

Q: Did Jennifer from Shipping Wars have a boob job? What is Jennifer Brennan’s bra size?
A: We have no idea, but she appears to be healthy and very natural.

Q: Was Jennifer Brennan ever arrested?
A: There was another Jennifer Brennan arrested, but not our lovely Jennifer from Shipping Wars.

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