Hot Robbie Welsh of Shipping Wars

Life on the road ain’t easy, and that’s what Robbie Welsh tries to conquer on the A&E reality series, Shipping Wars. This show has stirred up so many love and even mild to blatant protests from their viewers. Some people find Shipping Wars entertaining, and others consider it to be silly. Despite of all the buzz, Robbie Welsh keeps on driving.


Shipping Wars is just one of the reality TV series that can make its viewers jump and shout – may be due to every shipper’s awesomeness or worse, stupidity. In this reality show, Robbie Welsh showcases her natural tomboy side. Though a stunning beauty, the naked truth is that Robbie is no boob and she handles the truck and delivery work just as good as any man. In hopes of big fortune that can be made with Shipping Wars, Robbie ventures the tough road with her boyfriend and co-shipper, Christopher Hanna from South Carolina.

Robbie is a mom, and she has a son named Carter. With her joining the reality TV series, Robbie proves that she can be a good mom through working hard. She helps in booking loads, determining better routes, and even repairing their truck. The transportation life has its share of ups and downs. Robbie is thankful enough to have Chris by her side. Robbie looks so young to have accomplished everything she has already done. How old is Robbie Welsh, you may ask? We don’t know, but she seems quite mature and seems to have a very level head when it comes to making critical decisions.

Though Robbie hadn’t viewed herself to become a shipper, when she was still a kid, she dreamed of becoming a doctor or a marine scientist. And BTW, she got a biology and marine science major. Her life as a shipper also made her experience several things. She got the chance to travel in different parts of the country. Her nature of work makes her to miss her son even more. Another opportunity that being a shipper offers to Robbie is transporting even the most outrageous items – hedgehogs and tortoises. Well, everyone has his or her own opinion on what is outrageous.

Her travel times in Shipping Wars are rather difficult. To keep her alert, she drinks a cup of her favorite coffee. She also keeps the radio on while traveling so she won’t be easily bored. However, she can’t stand any of Kelly Clarkson’s songs. Oh how she wished she could travel with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell during her haul adventures.

During her spare time, this Shipping Wars star has an avid interest in photography and going to the beach. Would you like to see Robbie Welsh in a bikini? Then you’d better find out her favorite beach spots. And guys, the answer is no, she doesn’t do any nude beaches!

Check out Robbie Welsh on Shipping Wars on A&E each Wednesday | 9/8C

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