Brandi Storage Wars

Brandi Passante is hot! What can we say? Since Storage Wars premiered in December of 2010, and became one of A&E hottest shows, Brandi Passante has become quite a commodity. Her hot looks, accompanied by her quick and brassy wit, has everyone who watches Storage Wars checking out her every move.

Brandi and her husband, Jarrod Schultz own and operate the “Now and Again” thrift store in Tustin, California.

Here are some of the questions we have gotten from people:

Q: Are Storage Wars Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz married?
A: From what we understand, they are not legally married. From accounts, Brandi and Jarrod have been living together for at least 12 years.

Q: Was Brandi from Storage Wars a stripper?
A: No, this is absolutely false.

Q: What is the name of Brandi and Jarrod’s clothing line?
A: It is called Outlaw Apparel.

Q: Are there any Brandi Passante Bikini pics on the internet?
A: No, you only find look-alikes.

Brandi Passante, flashing that beautiful "Mona Lisa" smile!

Q: Do Jarrod and Brandi on Storage Wars have kids?
A: Yes, they are proud parents of a young boy, and girl.

Q: Does Brandi from Storage Wars smoke?
A: From the information we have seen, it does not appear that Brandi smokes.

Q: What did Brandi Passante used to do?
A: Nobody really knows what kind of work she has done in the past, but she has been helping Jarrod with his business for several years.

Q: Was Brandi from Storage Wars ever in prison?
A: Absolutely false. Just another internet rumor.

Q: Storage Wars Brandi boob job. Is it true?
A: We don’t know, but Brandi is a natural beauty.

Q: Is it Brandi Schulz, or Brandi Passante?
A: Jarrod and Brandi are not married, and it is possible that she may use both names.

Q: What is the address of Jarrod and Brandi’s store?
A: 810 North Tustin St Orange, California 92867

Q: What size shoe does Brandi wear? Do you know what her dress size is?
A: We have not been able to find out any of these details about her dress or shoe size.

Q: How old is Brandi?
A: Her date of birth is not known, but sources say she is about 32.

Jarrod and Brandi recently expanded their thrift store in Tustin, California. They missed a few episodes of Storage Wars this season to take care of business, and get a well deserved rest before going back to the televised storage auctions. You can catch Jarrod and Brandi on Storage Wars each Tuesday on A&E. If you are new to the show, there are a few nights each week that they play reruns and you can catch up on some of the past shows.

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