Duck Dynasty Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so we have been getting quite a few questions about A&E’s Duck Dynasty, so we will post a few questions that we have been able to research:

Q: Does Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty have any children?
A: Yes, Si does have two children. His daughter is Trasa Robertson Cobern, and his son is Scott Robertson.

Q: Is Uncle Si married, and if so, what is his wife’s name?
A: Yes, Si Robertson is married, and his wife’s name is Christine.

Jennifer Brennan of Shipping Wars is Pregnant

It’s true, folks! Our lovely little Shipping Wars girl, Jennifer Brennan, has announced that she is pregnant! Jen announced on her facebook page “Sooo the secret is out” and indicated that she feels “blessed” and is so happy about being pregnant and expecting her first baby.

jennifer brennan pregnant

Jennifer Brennan has announced that she is pregnant!

So, what’s does the future hold in store for Jennifer after she has her baby?

Duck Dynasty – Hot Tub Grime Machine Recap

In this episode of Duck Dynasty, Godwin wants to buy a hot tub with speakers and he is looking for the boys to help move it to his house. Phil and Willie are trying to teach their kids lessons of patience. With a measly $200, Godwin is not able to to buy a very nice hot tub, and Willie say’s he may not be able to purchase one equipped speakers with the $200.


In this episode, Godwin buys a hot tub.

They all get in the truck and travel to meet up with a junk dealer, named Squirrel, to purchase a used one. They brought a used hot tub and they loaded it onto a trailer which was pulled by Willie’s truck.

Buckwild Shain Gandee Found Dead

Sadly, Shain Gandee, the young male star of MTV’s “Buckwild” was found dead on Monday. Shain was 21. Also found dead with Shain was his uncle, and a friend. The three were out together in the country four-wheeling.


Shain’s 4X4 was found near Sissonville, Virgina, where the MTV series is filmed. It appears to be an accident at this time. There are not too many details that have been released yet,

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Checks Out of Rehab

Selena Gomez was spotted at a Lakers game on St. Patrick’s Day with friends, Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough. Also attending the game was Jack Nicholson, but not with Selena. No word on where Justin Beiber was.

Ashley Tisdale told pal Selena Gomez, who looks hot in a bikini, that she was excited that her and friend Vanessa Hudgens decided to star in the sexy new movie Spring Breakers.

American Pickers – Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

This episode was called the “The Million Dollar Mistake.” The air date was Jan 22, 2013. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz guys stopped at a farm while they were driving through upstate New York.


This was an old time farm that had been in the family for generations, dating back to the early 1700′s. It was a very well to do family who owned the farm so there was quite a few very nice things, including items from Italy.

The Biggest Find Ever in “Storage Wars” History

This episode called “Storage Wars, Portrait of the Gambler” took place in the city of Montebello, California, located in Los Angeles County. This auction featured a total of 20 storage units up for auction.

We first see Dave Hester in the show, and he tell the viewers that Montebello is a great place to buy storage units because of their value.


Darrell Sheets has the biggest win ever on Storage Wars

Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon Sheets show up and comment on how well they did last time they bid in Montebello.

Storage Wars Season 3 Episode 24- A Tale of Two Jackets

Barry Weiss arrived on his motorcycle. Sexy Nabila Hannis appeared in this episode. Barry wins the first storage unit for $875.


Did Brandi and Jarrod really find a dead body?

It seems that there is nothing more than some clothing in this unit, and he eventually ends up not finding too much of value.

The second unit has cameras and other photo related equipment inside.

Bikini Baristas Arrested For Too Much Exposure

Three bikini baristas of the Grab-N-Go espresso stand in in Everett, Washington were arrested for allegedly flashing customers. It seems they were making a little extra on the side besides selling coffee. The incidents occurred at
at two Grab-N-Go stands. A few years back, several baristas were arrested and charged with prostitution.


Three ladies were arrested in Washington State for allegedly selling more
than just coffee.

Salwa Amin of Buckwild Arrested on Drug Charges

24 year old Salwa Amin, of MTV’s reality show “BUCKWILD” was arrested and is now facing a drug charge in West Virginia. Salwa is currently being held at the Central Regional Jail. Details are sketchy, but it appears that she is facing a felony charge of possession with intent to deliver.


Salwa Amin, along with two other men were arrested Monday on drug charges.